November 21, 2018

Are you inspired by vision or pain?!

At each moment, you are either moving forward inspired by vision or trying to avoid pain?!  Dr. Michael Beckwith phrases it as, “pain pushes until vision pulls.”

When it comes to your finances, are you being pushed by pain or are you living with vision?  

You may be wondering, how would I know?

Signs that you are being pushed by pain are:

1) You are focusing on paying one bill at a time and hoping to make it to the end of the week or the end of the month.

2) Finances are an area of challenge and pain in your life.

3) When you think of your finances, your stomach churns and you feel anxious, stressed, and unhappy.

Signs that you are inspired by vision for your finances:

1) You are excited about your financial future.

2) You state affirmations, intentions, and declarations of abundance and know that you will be successful!

3) You have a vision where not only do you get to enjoy your abundance, but you also see yourself helping others and making a contribution.

You may be reading this blog and thinking to yourself, “Wow! I never even thought of this!” This is great awareness for you then. Whether you were previously aware of the importance of having a vision for your finances or you are just becoming aware of it now this is a point of leverage in your life. You see as you hold a vision for what you want and you see it and feel it happening, then the Universe can step in and support you in your manifestations. You must have a vision!  Marianne Williamson states it this way, “Like a great athlete, we must have a very clear vision of what we ant to accomplish before we make a move.  Vision, in preparation for an action, is as important as the action itself.”

My recommendation for you is:

Life is a lot more enjoyable and exciting when you have a vision and see each desire manifesting!! And it is a lot easier on your physical body temple when you live with vision because you live at a higher vibration versus being pushed by pain which is not only stressful but it also zaps your creative energy.

Five Steps to Creating a Vision for Your Finances:

1) Write down what you would like your finances to look like.  For example, I am doing work that I love and I am being paid well for it.

2) Make the vision at least 50% believable.  If you are making $100,000 it may not be believable to say that will make $5,000,000 by next year.  Even though anything is possible you want to make the vision believable to set yourself up for success.

3) Once you write up your vision, place it somewhere where you will notice it and claim that your vision is happening!

4) Make the commitment to read your vision at least once a day or at least once a week.

5) Share your vision with someone you love and trust. This makes the experience more real!

6) Bonus Tip! Read your vision to yourself while listening to a song that you love. Music is extremely powerful so that way you can create an anchor so anytime you listen to that song you are seeing your vision happening!

7) Bonus Tip #2! There is power in action. If you do not have a vision for your finances and see the benefit of having one set a goal to get this done!! 

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