November 21, 2018

Money Book

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“This concise book contains extremely valuable information that can undoubtedly change your relationship with money in a positive direction.  After all, why settle for a loaf of bread when you can have the bakery?  Think of how much more you’ll be able to give to life.  Marisa guides you through the journey.”

-Ron Hulnick, President of the University of Santa Monica 

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“Marisa’s fun, positive, high-vibe, and inspirational energy come through the pages of her book, Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Keys to Having More Money Now! I love how easy it was to read this book, and how it held my attention from beginning to end.  This book is an amazing resource for anyone looking to significantly increase their financial abundance!  

 -Crystal Yang, Intuitive Healer


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“Most “money books” teach you how to make money, invest it or how to keep from losing it, which is temporary change. In Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Keys to Having More Money Now! Marisa guides you through an inner journey to discover your own individual relationship with money, not as the finite number of “coins in your pocket,” but as a Spiritual Flow that is infinite and abundant.  Now this is permanent transformation.”

-Matthew Baumueller, Agape International Spiritual Center Faculty and retired Certified Financial Planner


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“Marisa has a divine gift for teaching about money in a way that is easy to understand, empowering, and absolutely transformational! If you want more money, I highly recommend reading Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Keys to Having More Money Now!  Marisa is a powerful coach, healer, and speaker who walks her walk and she is committed to serving others through her money teachings in the most compassionate way. Marisa is a gem and so is this book!”

-Baljit Rayat, Intuitive Healer, Akashic Record Consultant & Creator of the Star Activation™ System


“Marisa’s Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Keys to Having More Money Now! is nothing short of transformational.  It’s inspiring, uplifting and filled with practical and actionable information.  Reading it has exponentially expanded what I thought was possible for myself.  Marisa’s work has woken me up to a new way of being with and relating to money.  I now have a road map to financial success that’s easy and fun!  This is more than a one-time ‘read and shelve’ resource.  It’s a tool that will be active in my life going forward.  I will use it to continually deepen in my prosperity consciousness and raise my money vibration.  Money loves me!  Woo Hoo!”

-Deb Dominguez, Coach, Speaker and Author of My Divorce Recovery Kit


“Marisa Nakhi, in her typical fashion of over delivering, has done it again only this time in book form.  In Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Keys to Having More Money Now! Marisa offers not just money tips, but instead a complete step-by-step guide to help you transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly of prosperity.  Marisa states it best, “One little insight or shift you have by reading this book can completely transform your life!”  Read this book and apply these teachings to transform your financial life in a fun and sexy way!”

-Beth Chrisman, Document Examiner at Handwriting Expert California