November 21, 2018

Do you make payments or painments?

One of the easiest ways to uncover how you feel about money is to see how you feel when you make payments. Are you grateful to have the abundance to pay your bills or do you feel dread, fear, anxiety or even anger to have to pay bills? Do you think to yourself, “it would be so nice not to have any bills to pay!” Do you make painments instead of payments?

The first step to all change is awareness.  By uncovering how you feel when making a payment you automatically gain awareness around your experience around money. 

So imagine you have just gone to your mailbox and noticed two bills to pay. How do you feel?  (Choose your response from the options below).

1) Excited because you love paying bills!

2) Annoyed and wish you had not checked your mail today.

3) Upset because you have no idea how to pay these bills.

4) Disappointed because if you pay these bills there is no money left for you.

5) Other – If something else comes up for you, what is the feeling that is present?

First, I want you to recognize that regardless of which number you choose as your response you can make that okay.  We change any situation first by becoming aware of the situation and second by accepting the situation. If you feel annoyed or even disappointed make that okay. Thirdly, to instantly shift how you feel ask yourself, what do I want instead? As soon as you ask this question you are literally taking your power from this current situation and putting it where you want.

Thus, the three steps to transforming any situation:

A) Become aware of the situation.

B) Accept the current situation.

C) Ask yourself, what do I want instead?

Remember, whatever you are experiencing is just your current situation.  Just by reading this blog and starting to think about your finances even a little differently can support you in creating a much more delicious experience with money!



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