November 21, 2018

Does your connection to God really put dollars in your bank account?

I was recently listening to a radio show on KPFK where Dr. Michael Beckwith (picture on left) was interviewing Marianne Williamson and the most profound point that I heard Marianne Williamson make over and over again was that the only problem anyone really has is 

a sense of separation from God.

Marianne Williamson is a prolific writer, speaker, and humanitarian and has graced us with her words of wisdom for decades.  So I thought to myself, how does the notion of separation from God affect one’s finances?

I know from personal experience that when I doing my inner work including prayer, mediation, journaling, and affirmations I am a happy camper. I feel connected and peaceful. And as I focus on joy and what’s working well in my life that’s when opportunities show up, amazing friendships and colleagues come into my world, abundance shows up in fun ways, and my life is so much easier.

From a spiritual standpoint, this state is referred to as experiencing “the kingdom of heaven.”  We experience heaven now based on the way we think and live our lives.  By focusing on joy, what’s going well, and what we love about our lives we step into a higher vibration, which allows what we are calling forward (or something even better) to manifest in our lives.

 According to the teachings of Abraham Hicks, this level of flow and alignment with our Inner Being is known as being in the Vortex.

 And when we are experiencing “heaven at hand” and we are in the “Vortex,” we are connected to God.  Here is the delicious point!  God is not some deity outside of you.  You were created in the mere image & likeness of God so your true nature is that of a Divine Being.  Thus, you are not solely a physical being; you are a spiritual being having a human experience

So how does this knowing affect your finances?

When you have fears, worries, doubts, and anxiety around money …in that moment you have disconnected from your divine truth.  There is no lack in God. There is no lack in the Universe. The only reason we experience any sense of lack is because we have bought into an illusion and forgotten our true abundant nature.

So how do you release fear, stay connected to God, and stay in the Vortex?

Here are my ten delicious tips to get into the Vortex!

1)   Go for a walk in nature.

2)   Put on a song and dance around.

3)   Say a prayer. (A great resource to have someone pray with you is by calling the Agape Prayer Ministry (310) 348-1270.)

4)   Meditate.

5)   Take a hot shower.

6)   Watch a movie you love.

7)   Focus on 10 things that you are super grateful for!

8)   Pick up an inspiring book and read several pages.

9)   Do some light organizing, throw out the trash, or wash the dishes.

10) Call a friend you love talking to and chat for a bit.

Remember when the fear or worries come up that is your cue to shift your energy. That is all it is. There is no power in fear or worry except the power you project onto it.  If when your fears come up you become immobilized and think that your world will end you are literally giving all your power to fear.

Now, you can choose to take your power and invest it consciously in getting into the Vortex! The easiest way of shifting your energy is by doing one of the ten steps I mentioned above or you can do a couple of them.  You can also come up with your own steps to get into the Vortex as well. For instance, if you have pet that you love petting that can be a way you get into the Vortex.

So in answering the question I posed in the title, “Does your connection to God really put dollars in your bank account?”

Your connection to God creates the bridge to experiencing more abundance and having opportunities show up in your life! The best part is by being in the Vortex and being connected to your Inner Being life is so much easier!!!






  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful, thank you. LL <3

  2. Goke Bolaji says:

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful sharing.

  3. Janice says:

    Well said and an excellent reminder. I find going for walks to be the perfect antidote for what ails. Walks are further motivating by what you said here.

    • marisa says:

      Hi Janice!

      Thank you! I love walks too. And I the blessing of being in nature is that there is no resistance so we can tap into our natural essence of ease, grace, and flow.

  4. Anita says:

    Very well said and written! Glad my girl Ivana posted this for me to read. Thank you!

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