December 12, 2018

Eat, Pray, Love & Money!

One of my favorite movies would have to be Eat, Pray, Love based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

In this movie, Julia Roberts plays the leading actress who ends up leaving her husband and taking a journey around the world from Italy to India to Bali.  On her journey, she not only heals her heart but

she also becomes a woman who learns to live an extraodinary life.

I noticed one exquisite attribute in this money is that although Julia’s character loses all her money after her divorce, she never lives in a state of fear or worry about money. She continues to live her life! She continues to move forward. She looks for answers. And she heals herself!

Furthermore, one of the most delicious sayings that is shared while she is in Italy is the expression, “the sweetness of doing nothing!”  This expression hits home for me as well.  When I was an undergraduate student, I traveled to Spain for a month to study abroad. And in Spain, they take siestas (afternoon break) and the pace of life is so different. And I remember when it was time to come home, on some level I did not want to come back!

This movie demonstrates several aspects of what it means to demonstrate prosperity consciousness.

Here are the five attributes I noticed:

1) Prosperity consciousness is a state of being.  It does not have to do with how much money you have in the bank. It better relates to who you are, how you feel about your finances, and the quality of your life!  And Julia’s character demonstrated a prosperous state of being by going for it in her life & traveling the world in service to healing her heart!

2) Prosperity consciousness is about being in the now!  If you watched Eat, Pray, Love you notice that Julia’s character is in the now. Yes, she gets to heal her past and memories and sadness comes up for her, but she experiences the loss and sadness and moves forward. This is powerful because all your power is in the NOW!  

3) There is a passage in the Bible that says that “the lilies of the field toil not,” referring to the fact that worry is unnecessary. I have noticed that in my life and with some of the clients that I have worked with when it comes to our finances, worry is sometimes a good friend or even our best friend! However, worry does not serve you! Worry is an obssessive pattern that gives us the illusion of control.  And I noticed in Eat, Pray, Love that Julia’s character did not worry when it came to money. She chose to live her life and received amazing blessings of healing, transformation & love. This is available for you too!

4) The “sweetness of doing nothing,” is an absolute demonstration of prosperity consciousness because if you do not get to enjoy your life and you are always going from one activity or project to another then you are missing the signficance of being a Human Being” instead of a “Human Doing.” If this sounds like you and a light bulb just went on for you, I encourage you to set some time to be still and do something enjoyable. This could be as easy as setting 5 minutes to walk around the block and notice the trees, plants, and flowers around you.

5) Prosperity consciousness is also about being able to enjoy the deliciousness of life. In Eat, Pray, Love, food was definitely one of the ways in which this was demonstrated besides the spectacular views and divine wisdom that was shared by the various characters Julia Roberts met on her journey. So how can you enjoy the deliciousness of life more?  Would it look like allowing yourself to enjoy a yummy treat without worrying about calories? Or is it planning a weekend retreat and getting a couple days off to rest and rejuvenate? Or giving yourself an afternoon off to read a book that has been calling you? They say when we transition, we will not regret what we did as much as we will regret what we did not do.  What is one step you can take to enjoy the deliciousness of life more? Then, choose a date by when you will do this! Remember there is power in committing to yourself and making it happen and the power is in you! 



  1. “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson

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