November 21, 2018

Is Money Controlling You?

How do you know if money is controlling you?

Here are some clues!

  • Have you every freaked out when you saw your checking account balance?
  • Or got a bill and decided not to open it?
  • Or didn’t want to ask someone about the money that they owed you?
  • Or better yet just decided, hey I just don’t want to deal with money!

The most important aspect of dealing with money is actually

having a relationship with money.  Most of us related to money as an object and many times an object of our happiness. If I have money I feel good and if I don’t have money then the world is over kind of mentality.

The important thing here is to realize that money is a form of exchange that we actually have a relationship with each and every moment.

Here are three tips to support you in having a more supportive relationship with money that puts in you in charge of money in your life!

1) Spend time with money every day!

This may look like viewing your checking, savings, and investment accounts daily even if it is for five minutes! By focusing on money you are paying attention to one of the most important aspects of your life. For instance, if you have a friend and you pay no attention to them would they stick around? Most likely no! It is the same with money, you need to relate to money as a friend. You need to relate to money as an energy that you actually have a relationship with and the first step is acknowledging money.

2) Focus on Gratitude

Regardless of where you are financially, focusing on gratitude for what you do have helps you experience more of what you want. Whether you are a multimillionaire right now or just paying the bills to get by, the focus of gratitude helps you move into your next level of financial success. Have you noticed that when you give a gift to someone and they are delighted by your generosity that it makes you want to continue giving to them? It is the same notion when we focus on gratitude. When we are thankful for what we have, regardless of where we are financially, the Universe says, “Here is more goodness coming right up!”

3) Trust

One of the most fruitful and most challenging experiences we have as Souls having a human experience is embracing the quality of Trust.  If we all trusted that we would always be taken care of there would never be a recession.  The reason we experience recessions is because we move into a place of fear and worry around money that ultimately leads to less financial circulation.  In order to have a supportive relationship with money it is very important to consciously focus on moving into a place of trust when it comes to money knowing that you will always be taken care of no matter what, and this is a practice!  And Albert Einstein once said, “The most important decision you will ever make is if you believe you live in a friendly universe.” If you believe that you do you will naturally move into a place of Trust.






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