December 12, 2018

Is Money Spiritual?

Money is the one thing we all want more of and the one that thing that seems to elude us, slip through our fingers, and leave us feeling stressed.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, it will be really nice when I figure out this money stuff?! It will be nice when I never have to think or worry about money again?!  

What will help you shift your relationship with money forever is shifting your perspective of what money is and

how it actually serves you in so many ways!

I will begin by defining money for you.  First, I define money as the by-product of sharing your gifts and talents! Second, money is Universal energy that allows you to meet your needs.

So how is money serving you?

Money is a powerful motivator to help us grow outside of our comfort zones!  Jennifer Aniston once said, “Everything you want in the world is just outside of your comfort zone.” It is the desire for money and wealth that calls us forward to stop making excuses, to deliver our gifts and talents, and make a difference in the world! If we did not have a desire for money, a lot of us would get stuck in stories of lack, limitation and unworthiness!! However, playing small is not an option especially if you want to enjoy life and bask in the deliciousness of travel, giving to charities, and enjoying personal development!

Our relationship with money reflects our relationship with Spirit. The greatest way to uncover your relationship with Spirit is to reflect on how you relate to money. Do you trust that money will be there for you? Do you believe that you live in a friendly Universe that is for you?  Our one and only source is God. It is not your employer. It is not a client. Thus, your relationship with money gives you a delicious opportunity to not only heal your relationship with money, but also Spirit! God is for you. And nothing is ever withheld from us as the mystical teachings of Joel S. Goldsmith emphasize over and over again. However, we are either allowing overflowing abundance or not. And if you are not, this is just an opportunity for healing!

The bigger the pain around money the bigger the transformation! Tony Robbins who is one of the most well-known and successful motivational speakers of our time shares in his seminars how he came from humble beginnings. He specifically shares about the experience of his family not being able to afford Thanksgiving dinner one year and the pain of that, and how now through the Thanksgiving Basket Brigade he started 30 years ago, 2 million people around the world receive baskets of food and household items each year.  The pain in Tony’s life lead to the most glorious transformation, and now he gets to shine his light and meet the needs of so many people!

Money is a tool. Money is a vehicle that allows us to access our greatest potential! It calls us forward to ditch our old, limited stories and to show up fully in the world! Money shows us how good we are at giving and at receiving. Money shows us how freely we circulate our financial energy or not. Money is merely a tool that provides us with so many opportunities for transformation and growth.

And you my dear are a spiritual being having a human experience! And your personal relationship with money determines whether you see money as spiritual or not. There is no right or wrong. However, when we feel good about money, when we are grateful for what we have, and when we circulate money consciously we allow a lot more financial flow!  And financial flow is Universal energy in action and the more you cultivate an inner sacred relationship with money the more you will reveal Heaven On Earth!  


  1. I love the inspiration and hope I felt reading this post! I look forward to your ‘Dancing your way to Prosperity’ workshop on Saturday. Thank you for the work you do <3

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