December 12, 2018

Prosperity Meditation!

 Meditation is the way in which we connect with our Higher Being. It allows us to transcend the limitations of the mind.  When we think, we are primarily translating our experiences from the level of ego. In order to connect to our Higher Being we must go inside and be still; hence meditate.

“If prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening to God.”  

– Katherine Woodard Thomas

And what would be better than a prosperity meditation to support you in your prosperity consciousness?

To support you on your journey to more prosperity I have designed a guided Prosperity Meditation for You!  This is included below!

Marisa’s Prosperity Meditation:

I invite you to read this meditation once or twice all the way through before beginning your meditation so you can do it from memory the best you can.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position and now take three cleansing breaths in and exhale. Scan your body and if you notice any tension or stress see yourself releasing it and letting go. Feel your whole body feeling calm and peaceful.

Now place both hands on your heart and imagine someone in your life that you deeply love this can also be a pet. Allow yourself to feel deep feelings of love and gratitude for this person or pet.  Now allow these feelings of love to expand.  

Now take a couple minutes and focus on gratitude for the blessings you are experiences in your life. What are you grateful for? You can focus on having food, electricity, good friends, a healthy body, wisdom, awesome books, fun experiences, etc.

Next, call forward a challenging situation with money that you are currently experiencing.  Be present with the emotions that come up. If tears come up allow them to come up and release. Crying is literally a cleansing of the soul. And just be present with how you feel. Now you can ask God (Higher Power, Spirit, Source, or any other term that resonates for you) to support you in releasing this situation.  See any negative energy or worries you have with this situation and literally hand them over to God. Now allow yourself to feel the lightness of having let go of this issue or challenge. 

Allow yourself to take some more deep breaths. 

Now having released that issue and having handed it over to God, focus on what you want to be experiencing more of when it comes to finances. Would you like more financial opportunities? Passive income? A business partner? An amazing business coach? A financial miracle? Whatever it is that your heart desires, allow yourself not only to see this vision of what you want but see yourself receiving it. See yourself receiving for instance your financial miracle. How does it feel to receive this miracle? How is this miracle blessing you and your life?  Allow yourself to feel the feelings of what it is like to allow what you are seeking in your life.

When you are complete with this step take a moment to thank yourself in participating in this guided meditation and give thanks for the Universe in supporting you in living a more prosperous life.

And when you are ready gently open your eyes, stretch your body, and have a drink of water.

Repeat this meditation as often as you like.

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