December 12, 2018

Money Mondays!


Money Mondays with Marisa!

Start Your Week Inspired!

Get your High Vibe on with Marisa each Monday morning!  This is a powerful, fun, and transformational monthly program dedicated to supporting you in shifting your vibration around money to allow more abundance in all areas of your life!  

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“Marisa is full of life, enthusiasm and spunk!  Her connection to Spirit and her appreciation for money, both shine brightly in her coaching, workshops and her Money Mondays Program.  Her weekly Money Mondays calls are inspiring and an awesome way to start my week!”

-Christie Gelsomino, Professional Organizer, Certified Photo Organizer & Scrapbook Designer


Here are the groovy details about Money Mondays:

Enjoy one live call each week with Marisa which includes: 

1) Money Magnet Lesson – Learn a new money teaching each week with an action step to implement to become a money magnet.

2) Intention Setting – Set a new intention each week to rock your finances.

3) Power Prayer – Enjoy a powerful weekly prayer that will lift you higher, empower you, and shift your money vibration.

4) Woo hoo! – Celebrate our call with a group a Woo hoo at the end of each call!


Format of the Program!

-Live call each Monday from 8am-8:30am.

-You will also receive a recording of each live call in your inbox!

-The investment for this program is $97 a month.  You can cancel at anytime.  To cancel program, you write an email to two weeks prior to the date of your next scheduled payment.

Previous Money Mondays topics:

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*Your Money Personality

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“Marisa’s Money Mondays weekly calls are filled with inspiration, affirmations, and activities to support my new money story.  Marisa is absolutely a prosperity goddess and can provide anyone with a new outlook on their thoughts around money, and the ability to have all of the abundance they seek in their lives.  Marisa has a sixth sense when it comes to money, and what she teaches works!!  I highly recommend Marisa’s workshops and services if you want more money in your life and more peace around your finances!”

 -Elise Cohen, Apriori Beauty


“Marisa is a brilliant belief transforming and money awareness genius.  She taps into the source of your beliefs and gets the ball rolling in helping you transform not only your money experience, but also your whole life!  Working with Marisa was saying a big YES to my life!  Marisa’s does beautiful, meaningful work with her clients.  I highly recommend Marisa’s abundance and prosperity coaching & workshops. I am glad I said YES to working with Marisa!”

-Chrystal Hartberg, Conscious Transformation Leader


“Marisa is extraordinary! Her practical skill as a Financial Success Coach combined with metaphysics and spirituality create a deep, authentic, soul-shifting experience…I’ve never met a Coach before with such an extensive skill set as Marisa’s, and I have worked with and known many. She’s truly one in a million! AND…she’s lots of fun. And after one session with Marisa, miracles began to occur in my life.  After the second and third sessions, my dreams, goals and heart’s desires began to manifest on a daily basis. The Prosperity Goddess, Marisa Nakhi, is a true God send! I am deeply grateful!!”

-Caitlin Philips, M.A.


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Looking forward to Woo hooing with you!!

With Joy & Prosperity!







Marisa Nakhi is an International Financial Success Coach, Author, Speaker, and Seminar Leader.  Marisa has been teaching workshops since 2004 and coaching since 2007.  Marisa was on her way to becoming a Financial Planner when she got an intuitive download that her path and her Soul’s work is supporting women and men in transforming their inner relationship to money to allow greater wealth in all areas of their lives.  This inspired Marisa to launch her business focused on teaching a practical, spiritual and transformational approach to money that works!  Marisa received her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, completed Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University, and studied at the Agape International Spiritual Center.  Marisa has combined her passion for teaching about money, personal transformation, and spiritual growth into a thriving and delicious business where she offers online programs, products, and live seminars.