September 19, 2018

Money Program!

Make More Money, Have More Fun & Align with Miracles

This 5-week program is designed to support you in clearing your money blocks, allowing more money, and welcoming miracles! Regardless of where you are financially, you can absolutely create a NEW FINANCIAL REALITY!! 

I have worked with hundreds of clients from around the world and what I know with absolute conviction is that as you shift your inner relationship to money, the outer world shifts too!! Then life becomes magical! Money shows up as well as opportunities, blessings, and miracles!

However, as long as we are holding on an “old money story” and we have subconscious beliefs that are limiting us we can find ourselves experiencing lack, fear, worry and stress around money even though we live in an abundant Universe.

You Can Transform Your Finances!

You can be wealthy!

You can allow more money than you need!

You can move into financial surplus!

You can have all your needs met and have fun with money!

I will be showing you exactly how to transform your finances in my 5-week Become a Powerhouse Money Manifestor! I will be providing you with detailed step-by-step processes to clear your money blocks, allow more money, and align with miracles. Once you clear your blocks and align with your desires then, money can shows up with ease and grace.

Why is it Important to Shift Your Inner Relationship to Money?

I recently read that most of our subconscious beliefs were formed between birth and the age of seven. Thus, our money programming was created at a very young age. This means that unless we intentionally shift our money beliefs and money vibration, we are likely to continue creating our life with our past conditioning. Even if we did not care for our financial past!

For instance, if you program your GPS in your car to go from Los Angeles to San Diego, you are not going to magically end up in New York. You cannot create prosperity with a scarcity mindset. You cannot attract the wealth you desire if your primary money vibration is one of fear, worry or stress. 

Here is WHY!

The Law of Attraction will only give you more of WHO YOU ARE!!! If you feel abundant, grateful, and expansive you will receive experiences and financial energy to reflect your OWN ESSENCE! If you feel worried, fearful, and stressed, you will attract more experiences that will make you feel stressed and worried. 

This is why it’s ESSENTIAL to transform your inner relationship to money! This way you are not creating from default mode. You are creating with INTENTION, FOCUS and CLARITY.

To become a Powerhouse Money Manifestor means that you are not letting your past dictate your future! You are shifting your beliefs, taking aligned action, and clearing your money challenges so you get to have your cake and eat it too!

Also, to be a powerful Co-Creator with the Universe is exhilarating. Plus, when you feel amazing around money, life feels incredible because you ATTRACT THE GOOD YOU DESIRE!!!! This way Law of Attraction is working for you in creating your ideal vision for your life.

In addition, healing your relationship with money can be graceful and fun! I have been doing personal growth work for over 16 years. A friend shared with me, “If there was a PhD in personal transformation you would have it,” because I have invested well over a thousand hours doing my own healing and clearing work. This is why I know exactly what it takes to help my clients make SHIFTS EASILY, QUICKLY and GRACEFULLY! 

NOW is the Time to Transform Your Money Paradigm!

Here is the best part!

When you clear your money issues, MONEY SHOWS UP AGAIN & AGAIN! Because your natural state is to ALLOW money!

This is why I have designed my 5-Week program to support you in clearing your money blocks and fears so you can be free to create the life you want! 

I will also be showing you how to create a NEW MONEY PARADIGM! Plus, allowing money doing what you love is the new normal! Being spiritual and wealthy is possible. 

Here are two choices:

1) Continue living your current life as is and not make any changes. 

2) Give yourself full permission to get yummy with money and clear your challenges so you can live life on your own terms.

If you don’t make changes, you allow your old money conditioning to run your life.

If you transform your finances, you get to become a Powerhouse Money Manifestor!!!

I have supported hundreds of clients and it would be a joy to support you too!

“Hi Dearest Marisa!!  I sold a 6 month coaching package for 11 thousand.  Amazingly perfect client who feels blessed and amazed to have found and hired me.  Thanks so much for believing in my Goddess nature and helping me step into it.” – Catherine Behan

“Marisa is extraordinary! Her practical skill as a Financial Success Coach combined with metaphysics and spirituality create a deep, authentic, soul-shifting experience. I’m so grateful to be receiving the benefits of her presence, her knowledge, her eclectic studies and wisdom, all offered with grace and loving kindness. I’ve never met a Coach before with such an extensive skill set as Marisa’s, and I have worked with and known many. She’s truly one in a million!” – Caitlin Philips

“Marisa is absolutely a prosperity goddess and can provide anyone with a new outlook on their thoughts around money, and the ability to have all of the abundance they seek in their lives. Marisa has a sixth sense when it comes to money, and what she teaches works!!  I highly recommend Marisa’s workshops and services if you want more money in your life and more peace around your finances!” – Elise Cohen

Become a Powerhouse Money Manifestor Program teaches you how to:

Week 1 – Clear Your Money Blocks & Your Money Fears Once and For All!

Week 2 – Transform Your Money Paradigm & Design a Financially Free Lifestyle!

Week 3 – Master the Art of Creating Positive Future Fantasies & Aligning with Miracles

Week 4 – Embrace Your Worth and Value to Allow More Money Now!

Week 5 – Raise Your Money Vibration & Manifest Like Crazy with the Law of Attraction!

This course gives you the specific tools to become a Powerhouse Money Manifestor so that the rest of your life can be filled with abundance, joy and celebration! Your can absolutely make peace with your financial past and create a NEW FINANCIAL REALITY and I will be sharing fabulous money content and transformational activities to guide you in creating a much more prosperous and delicious reality!

“And after one private coaching call with Marisa, I brought in $1,300 in income within a few hours of our call.  Marisa is not only an outstanding coach, but she is also a good friend and a ray of sunshine to brighten up the day. Invest with Marisa, Invest with Yourself.”  – Christie Johnson

“Marisa’s consciousness about money is clear, empowering and liberating. She demonstrated mastery in shifting many core beliefs I was holding onto about money to personal issues I was carrying and projecting onto money.  I feel ready to embrace money as a partner which helps me lead a life of purpose, joy, and true wealth.” – Sonia Gallardo

“Marisa was my FAVORITE speaker on any of our Mastermind Calls.  She is warm, brilliant, and has a beautiful way of sharing extremely valuable information that in a succinct and straight forward way.  Plus, she challenged all of us to TAKE ACTION on what she was teaching.  The content of the talk was LIFE TRANSFORMING.  I have applied much of it and I am already seeing massive results in my bank account and my overall sense of trust in the flow of abundance.” – Cora Poage

The Value of this Program:

Five live 90-minute calls + recordings ($1,500)

Abundant email support: ($500)

Weekly accountability check-in: ($250)

Four bonus money audios: ($100)

Facebook group: (priceless!)

Total value of program: $2,350

Program Information:

This is a 5-week online program.

We begin our first call on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016!

Our calls are 90-minutes and from 6pm-7:30pm PST.

Investment: $497 (my hourly coaching rate is $300 so this is amazing value!!!)

1 payment of $497 or two payments of $267.

*To sign up with a payment plan please email:

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The Power of Investing in Yourself!

One of the quickest ways to allow success and manifest more money is to invest in yourself.

Hear are three of my personal examples of how investing in myself, especially when it was a stretch, was life-changing! 

1) When I first started coaching, I invested in a program to grow my business. In less than 90-days, I tripled my coaching practice! Plus, I learned how to attract my ideal clients. This investment completely changed my life. It was not in my budget to invest a few thousand dollars in this program; however, because of my courage to say YES I gained the confidence and skills to become a full-time coach. I have been coaching full-time for five years now, I work with amazing clients, enjoy delicious money, and live life on my own terms!

2) Several years ago, I invested in a 6-week online money program. The investment was $1,700 and it was not once again in my budget to do this program. However, as soon as I listened to the preview call, I knew with every fiber of my being that I wanted to do this program. I courageously signed up and within a couple of hours sold a $1,000 coaching package! I literally got a call out of the blue! This same person also purchased a $1,000 coaching package for one of her staff. Plus, I did two live workshops for her team and made another $1,000. I literally manifested $3,000 without making one single call! My coaching packages are a bigger investment now and by honoring my intuitive yes, I manifested money out of the blue and participated in a magnificent 6-week program that I highly benefited me.

3) I discovered Tony Robbins back when I was in college at the age of 21! I signed up for his Unleash The Power Within Live Seminar that was about $600. It was a life-changing. At this seminar, Tony announced his Mastery University, which was $10,000 for 3 live seminars and I knew with every fiber of my being that I had to invest in this program. However, I was a college student working part-time making $14 an hour. It was by no means in my budge to do his training! Yet, I courageously came up with $10,000 in one single payment, signed up, and transformed my life! I have been teaching trainings since 2001 because of the transformation I experienced at Tony’s seminars. I could have said, “I can’t afford it,” but instead the only question I asked was, “How am I going to make this happen?” I asked an empowering question and  courageously said YES, which created the path for me to make money doing my soul work! You can do it too!

When you INVEST in yourself and receive the support, guidance, and inspiration you need to create the financial success you desire LIFE BECOMES MAGICAL!!

I believe in YOU!

I I have seen so many miracles in my life and in the lives of my clients so I know anything is possible for you!

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“As a coach, I found Marisa to be not only an amazingly skilled listener but also an out of the box thinker! She assisted me with some pretty big breakthroughs having to do with financial debt. I was able to look at my debt in a whole new light, freeing myself from an attitude that was weighing me down.”  – Hillary Branoff

“Through my coaching with Marisa, I not only learned how to manage my money better but I have also learned how to become friends with money.  And within three days after a coaching session with Marisa, I was given a higher salary and a new job title at my current position and I am so happy!”Rizza Amor

“Marisa Nakhi was my FAVORITE speaker on any of our Mastermind Calls.  She is warm, brilliant, and has a beautiful way of sharing extremely valuable information that in a succinct and straight forward way.  Plus, she challenged all of us to TAKE ACTION on what she was teaching.  The content of the talk was LIFE TRANSFORMING.  I have applied much of it and I am already seeing massive results in my bank account and my overall sense of trust in the flow of abundance.  She is truly walking the walk of the Prosperity Teacher and the magic, miracles, and abundance flow in her presence.” – Cora Poage

Here are some power questions to support you in getting clarity around your next steps!

1) What has it cost me to not have an abundance of money?

2) How would it feel to live my current financial reality for the next year, 2 years, or 10 years?

3) What would it feel like if I did transform my finances?

4) How would it feel to wake up in the morning and to be excited about my life and my finances?

5) How would it feel to live in abundance, have all my needs met and have money for fun too?

By investing in this program, you get to create a new money life! Regardless of where you have been, you can allow more money, create more success, and have more fun! Transformation is absolutely possible for you!

5 Ways this Program Supports Your Transformation!

1) This is a uniquely designed program because not only will you learn leading edge money teachings, tools and resources, but you will also have the opportunity to radically shift the way you think, feel, and relate to money! Learning content is great but it’s not enough! Transformation comes from implementation, integration, and expansion! In this program you get to learn step-by-step how to implement and integrate these teachings into your life, which allows you to become a more expanded BEING! You become bigger than your old money stories, old money patterns, and old conditioning, and you get to STEP MORE INTO YOUR POWER and get to become a more JOYFUL MONEY MANIFESTOR!

2) The calls are 90-minutes instead of one hour because we will be doing experiential activities that are fun and enlightening to help you make shifts quickly!! Plus, you will get to share your insights and hear from the other ladies, which also supports you in having even greater awareness and breakthroughs.

3) To support you in totally rocking the house, you will also have weekly email check-ins to share your wins, updates, and ask any questions!! This accountability is tremendous because when we are abundantly supported we make progress more quickly!

4) I believe in growing and transforming with LOVE!!! Having gone through my own financial challenges, I have so much compassion working with clients because I know what it’s like to struggle and I know what it’s like to shift it!! My compassion allows me to deeply connect with clients and as a visionary, I get to beautifully assist them in transcending their old money challenges to create money joy, excitement, and harmony!!!

5) As I shared earlier, I have been doing personal transformation for over 16 years and I have invested a lot of time, energy, and money in healing my own relationship with my finances so I know exactly what it takes to create breakthroughs! I have 110% confidence in my ability and power as a coach because I have seen so many miracles in my own life and in the lives of my clients throughout the past 10 years that I have been a Transformational Money Coach!

My Guarantee

You do the same thing and you will get the same results. This is the definition of insanity! This program is an opportunity to do things differently! 

My Intention 

My intention is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and SUPPORT YOU in stepping into your money power, creating a new vision for your life, and getting YUMMY WITH MONEY!

Plus, you will learn a feminine and holistic approach to money that works! You will get to be in a high vibrational community around money, and you will learn specific ways to clear your money blocks and raise your money vibration! You have everything within you to allow more money and by being in this program you get to ACTIVATE your inner power and ALIGN with your desires!

Say Yes to You!

If you are reading this page and feeling excited about joining our program, I invite you to say YES to YOU!

This program can be a mega answered prayer in your life because it will give you the tools, support, love, inspiration, and community to become a Powerhouse Money Manifestor!

It would be my joy to support you on your journey!

Space is limited. To secure your spot, sign up now!

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I believe in YOU! Let’s get the party started!

With Magic and Miracles,




Marisa’s Bio:

Marisa Nakhi has been a Transformational Money Coach for over 10 years. She is also a Speaker and the Author of Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Keys to Having More Money Now! She has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and completed Tony Robbin’s Mastery University. Marisa teaches a feminine approach to money that is transformational and holistic. Her clients have manifested hundreds of thousands of dollars, free trips, raises, and most of all gained greater confidence in their relationship to money.