December 12, 2018

New Teleclass

Money Making Secrets that Your Mom Never Taught You!

(Or your teachers, Financial Advisors, & popular books!) 


Let’s face it most of us were not taught about money! We did the best we could to get by which meant struggling, worrying, and stressing about money sometimes if not all the time!

Maybe you, like most of us, took on some of your parent’s limiting beliefs about money.  Did you hear, “money does not grow on trees” when you were a child so you have managed to work for a little bit of money? Or you make good money, but it is costing you your life! 

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “It would be nice when I figure this money stuff out!!!!”

Do you feel discouraged, stressed, or challenged by your money situation? Do you find yourself judging yourself and feeling like a failure because you are not where you want to be or where you think you “should be?”

Money is one of the most charged subjects because we project our value, our safety, and our security onto it. Have you noticed that when you have more money in the bank you may feel more peaceful and calm, and as the bank account balance gets lower the fears, worries, and stress kicks in?

Or maybe you have noticed the same money patterns for years and you are ready to let them go? Or maybe you have noticed those around you creating success, and you are wondering why it has not happened for you yet or what needs to shift so you can start allowing more abundance in your life?!

Here is the GOOD News! Becoming wealthy is a learnable skill! The money piece is simple and easy when you have systems, tools, and support sprinkled with some inspiration! 

The only reason you are experiencing a challenge with your finances is just a sign that something needs to shift on the inside since making more money is an INSIDE JOB! When we change our INNER RELATIONSHIP to money, it leads to outer financial success.

To support you in getting on track with your finances and saying good-bye to financial struggle once and for all, I have created a delicious teleclass!  Here are the details:

Money Secrets Your Mom Never Taught You (or your teachers, Financial Advisors & popular books)!

Join us for this tele-class to:

– Learn the Secret to making more money and keeping more money!

– Learn how you to make more money with less work & no struggle!

– Learn the top 3 keys to clearing money blocks!

– Discover the #1 way to quickly shift your energy around money & allowing more $!

– Learn how to be a superstar money-making Queen or King!

And the tele-class will be recorded so once you sign up you will also receive the link to the recording!


“I have been to tons of workshops, I have a degree in Finance, and I have studied with top notch financial mentors and there is nothing quite like what Marisa offers. Marisa’s teachings combine practical financial know-how and the abundance consciousness necessary for real results. Marisa is solid Gold!” 

– Noga Vilozny, Singer, Actress & Intuitive Healing Coach

“Hi Dearest Marisa!!  I sold a 6 month coaching package for 11 thousand.  Amazingly perfect client who feels blessed and amazed to have found and hired me.  Thanks so much for believing in my Goddess nature and helping me step into it.  Feel free to quote me!  Your work is spectacular and I love your gentleness and love!” 

– Catherine Behan, Relationship Expert & Seminar Leader 

“I did Marisa’s VIP Coaching Intensive, which was transformational.  As a result of that, I brought in $2,500 in new sales the week following Marisa’s VIP Intensive without doing anything… no marketing, no cold calls, no consultations… just new clients! 

– Kelly Harrington, Career Coach and Resume 


With Love & Delicious Prosperity!






Marisa Nakhi is a Speaker and a International Financial Success Coach. Marisa Nakhi has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and has traveled internationally completing Anthony Robbin’s Mastery University. Marisa’s unique approach to money combines practical money skills with spiritual and success principles, which she believes is the key to sustainable wealth. Marisa has been coaching since 2007 and teaching workshops since 2004. Marisa supports women & men in having a yummy relationship to money through her coaching sessions, live trainings, and tele-classes.