November 21, 2018



“Marisa is a gifted and educated Financial Success Coach and guide!  I did Marisa’s VIP Coaching Intensive, which was transformational.  During the Intensive, I was able to identify old hidden patterns that were holding me back from the total prosperity I knew in my heart I could experience, and I also shifted a lot of energy around money.  As a result of that, I brought in $2,500 in new sales the week following Marisa’s VIP Intensive without doing anything… no marketing, no cold calls, no consultations… just new clients!  And these clients continue to send me new referrals.  What I love about Marisa is that she provides both a holistic/spiritual approach to finance along with the practical / logical tools to manage finances.  She is dedicated to her clients’ success and has a heart of gold. I trust her completely. Thank you Marisa.”  

Kelly Harrington, Career Coach and Resume Writer,


“After hearing Marisa Nakhi speak at a networking event, I was intrigued and wanted to hear more as I have always had a very negative attitude toward money and personal finances.  I took her workshop, “The 5 Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King,” and I was beyond excited with what I had learned.  I began to implement changes to my thoughts about money, and noticed immediate results in the form of more money coming to me from both expected and unexpected places. I had my best month in my business in 2 years!! I also joined Marisa’s Money Mondays weekly calls, which are filled with inspiration, affirmations, and activities to support my new money story.  Marisa is absolutely a prosperity goddess and can provide anyone with a new outlook on their thoughts around money, and the ability to have all of the abundance they seek in their lives.  Marisa has a sixth sense when it comes to money, and what she teaches works!!  I highly recommend Marisa’s workshops and services if you want more money in your life and more peace around your finances!”
Elise Cohen, Apriori Beauty

“Marisa is full of life, enthusiasm and spunk!  Her connection to Spirit and her appreciation for money both shine brightly in her coaching, workshops and her Money Mondays Program. Her weekly Money Mondays calls are inspiring and an awesome way to start my week! And after one private coaching call with Marisa, I brought in $1,300 in income within a few hours of our call.  Marisa is not only an outstanding coach, but she is also a good friend and a ray of sunshine to brighten up the day. Invest with Marisa, Invest with Yourself.”  

Christie Gelsomino, Professional Organizer, Certified Photo Organizer & Scrapbook Designer

“Marisa Nakhi was my FAVORITE speaker on any of our Mastermind Calls.  She is warm, brilliant, and has a beautiful way of sharing extremely valuable information that in a succinct and straight forward way.  Plus, she challenged all of us to TAKE ACTION on what she was teaching.  The content of the talk was LIFE TRANSFORMING.  I have applied much of it and I am already seeing massive results in my bank account and my overall sense of trust in the flow of abundance.  She is truly walking the walk of the Prosperity Teacher and the magic, miracles, and abundance flow in her presence.”
Cora Poage, Intuitive Living Coach
When I first talked to Marisa, I was feeling confused about money and, especially, money around my business. I had been resistant to having money conversations and even wanting to be aware about money in general. I very seldom used to check my bank account and pretty much left my finances in the care of my husband. I was getting frustrated with the lack of control I had around my finances, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Once I talked to Marisa during our initial call and she listened attentively and provided simple solutions, coupled with spirituality as part of her work, I knew Marisa would be able to help me and together create a path to successful financial abundance. During our sessions, Marisa would always start with a beautiful prayer that would help open me up to greater levels of awareness around money and prosperity. I appreciated how Marisa would always engage me in my own transformation, allowing me to have my own breakthroughs through her gentle nudging. Since coaching with Marisa, I have been able to create a new story about my financial situation, I have gained awareness and clarity, I have learned how to apply simple ideas that have helped me completely transform my relationship and how I deal with money. I would recommend Marisa to everyone because I believe Marisa holds her clients accountable and she truly cares and supports them in achieving their financial goals.” 
Jackie VanCampen, Angel Messenger – Channel and Medium
“I attended Marisa’s Top Five Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King Workshop, and it was insightful, invigorating and engaging from start to finish!  I was deeply appreciative of what was presented because Marisa went DEEP.  Not only did she share her insight and wisdom, she gave practical action steps that I could implement right away to allow more abundance in my life!  Just two hours with Marisa generated awareness and created a powerful shift in my relationship with money!  She has a compassionate and calming presence and is engaging and powerful.  I recommend Marisa’s workshop anyone who knows they are called to live an abundant life, yet can’t quite figure out what’s preventing them from getting there.”
Ariel Kirkland, Lifestyle Reinvention Coach

  Marisa is a powerhouse when it comes to Coaching for Financial Success!  I met her at a time in my life when I was in HIGH overwhelm trying to balance all I had TO DO, including making money and balancing my finances.  I hired Marisa for one-on-one coaching sessions.  By the end of our time together I was able to SHIFT my mindset about money from a place of lack and unworthiness to abundance and worth!  I am now so much more at ease and accepting of myself, as I am.  She supported me not only by providing practical information and coaching, but also supported me in shifting personally, from a way of DOING to a way of BEING with my money and finances and myself.  She is much more than a Financial Success Coach because she brings spirituality, loving, acceptance, presence and teaches wonderful systems that work! I am truly grateful to Marisa for our experience working together.”

Laina Florio, Transformational Life Coach


“Coaching with Marisa was a huge blessing for us! Marisa is a powerful coach and not only did she provide us with practical tools we implement after our coaching calls, Marisa also took our sessions to the next level with her prayers.  We have a deeper appreciation of prayer and we now know how to pray more powerfully as a result of working with Marisa, which supports us in our lives and in our business. Prior to working with Marisa, we experienced doubt, felt tight and stressed around money, business was slower, and we felt stuck. After working with Marisa, we feel more confident, empowered, and we see more opportunities in our business! And our experience of money is that money flows in our lives and it is an area of peace. We also better understand the concept of money, we have a clear plan for our business, and we are moving forward with focus and joy! And our team that works with us is growing, which is very exciting! Working with Marisa as a couple was a wonderful decision because we can now talk about money with ease, and there is more harmony in our relationship because we are now more in tune with each other. We highly recommend coaching with Marisa! Marisa knows what she is talking about when it comes to money and she deeply cares about her clients and cheers them on to create amazing success in their lives like we have been able to achieve with Marisa’s support!”

Willie and Anna Garcia, Realtors 945-9560 


“Marisa Nakhi is an energizing, powerful, and informative speaker, and I loved attending her Top Five Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King Workshop!  It was transformational to hear Marisa’s practical and spiritual approach to money because prior to coming to Marisa’s workshop, I had not related to money from both perspectives combined. I also found it so valuable to learn about the importance of staying in high vibration to allow more abundance! Marisa was also a great host and all the participants including myself felt so comfortable sharing and by the end everyone at the workshop was good friends.” 

Cassandra Lauduski, Wellness Coach


 I absolutely recommend Marisa’s Top Five Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King Workshop!! The spiritual aspect that Marisa brings to her workshop about money is invaluable! When I attended Marisa’s workshop one of my life long questions about money got answered, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. Marisa’s enthusiasm and energy was delightfully engaging and it made me want to Woo hoo!!! And I left the workshop feeling on high and excited!!” 

Kathleen Carman, Pilates Teacher


Marisa Nakhi is a woman powerful beyond her years As she offered her services as my coach, I was going through the most challenging time of my life financially, transitioning post divorce to my new life.  With her complete assurance in my worth, I moved from a state of fear and overwhelm to holding my own appreciation for who I am. I have been a therapist for 28 years and I can say with great enthusiasm, that Marisa is an extraordinary healer. 

Deborah Wilder, Healing Facilitator


“Hi Dearest Marisa!!  I sold a 6 month coaching package for 11 thousand.  Amazingly perfect client who feels blessed and amazed to have found and hired me.  Thanks so much for believing in my Goddess nature and helping me step into it.  Feel free to quote me!  Your work is spectacular and I love your gentleness and love!”

Catherine Behan, Relationship Expert & Seminar Leader


“Marisa is extraordinary! Her practical skill as a Financial Success Coach combined with metaphysics and spirituality create a deep, authentic, soul-shifting experience. I’m so grateful to be receiving the benefits of her presence, her knowledge, her eclectic studies and wisdom, all offered with grace and loving kindness. I’ve never met a Coach before with such an extensive skill set as Marisa’s, and I have worked with and known many. She’s truly one in a million! AND…she’s lots of fun. And after one session with Marisa, miracles began to occur in my life.  After the second and third sessions, my dreams, goals and heart’s desires began to manifest on a daily basis. The Prosperity Goddess, Marisa Nakhi, is a true God send! I am deeply grateful!!  

Caitlin Philips, M.A.


“Marisa is amazing. Her knowledge, integrity, creativity, and ability to meet you where you are to propel you to where you want to be is beyond expectation. Her demeanor creates your space to step into your power to become successful in all areas of your life. If you want to be a Prosperity Goddess Marisa will help guide you to where you want to be.”

Beth Chrisman, Document Examiner at Handwriting Expert California


Marisa is a “blow em outta the water” fierce speaker that reaches in, grabs the audience by the seat of their pants, and takes them on a ride. Each and every single lady in my group of creative entrepreneurs was glued to Marisa. It was AMAZING. You must, must, must have this woman come speak at your event. She is incredibly talented as a speaker/teacher/leader. 

Christina Dunbar, Artistpreneur at


“Marisa effectively helped me with my pricing strategy for my business. Prior to working with her, I was hesitant to charge “what I thought then to be high prices”, but Marisa helped me identify and release a block I had around receiving money. Marisa also provided me with some tools to create packages for my services. Now, I am comfortably charging rates that reflect the value of my work. I am happy I invested in coaching with Marisa! It was worth it!”

Lyra Velayo, Founder at Core Insight Media, 


“My experience of Marisa as a coach is one that is fully present, connected, committed, and someone who holds a very loving and strong discipline for herself, and her clients.  Completing the Cash Flow Queen Money Makeover, was indeed a Money Makeover for me. I went from being terrified of looking at my finances to having a plan of action in place that doesn’t tug on my consciousness every day, all that in very little amount of time. In the beginning of the class my focus was only on my debt, I couldn’t even think of anything else, and before I knew it I started visioning for my life as an artist and a healer with much ease and grace. Now that’s what I call an amazing shift!  I believe part of the transformation is because there was a nice balance between taking very concrete steps in the physical world, and examining and challenging the beliefs on the spiritual levels that contributed to the uniqueness of this class. Thank you Marisa!”

Tanaz Behnam, Artist/Healer


I consider myself to be a pretty spiritual person. This is one of the reasons that I truly believe The Universe worked in such a wonderful way to allow me to become acquainted with Marisa Nakhi, The Prosperity Goddess. And I am truly grateful!  When I became acquainted with Marisa, through a teleconference that she was hosting, I realized I had a really bad relationship with money. I mean, money and me were NOT friends at all!! After having one of the most amazing, enlightening, and just downright wonderful conversations with Marisa, I started to believe that I could transform my relationship to money.  I said yes to Marisa’s Cash Flow Queen – Money Makeover Program, and I experienced amazing shifts as a result of doing this program!  First, there was a complete change in my mindset around money.  For instance, I realized that I was holding on to money and I became aware that having a tight fist was not going to allow any more money (which is what I needed) so I learned to allow money to circulate! This was a life-changing shift for me.  I also realized that faith is giving thanks for all of the blessings in my life. This was a profound shift for me because prior to my doing Marisa’s program, I felt worried, stressed, and anxious about my finances and now I feel more hopeful!  Marisa’s Cash Flow Queen Program has absolutely changed me and blessed my life. I am telling you to RUN, not walk, to do this 6 week Cash Flow Queen course! It will certainly change your perspective on spirituality, money, relationships, and so many things that you probably won’t even imagine until it happens! Thank you Marisa, My Prosperity Goddess! You will remain on my Gratitude List for a long time! 

Dawn Williams


“As a coach, I found Marisa to be not only an amazingly skilled listener but also an out of the box thinker! She assisted me with some pretty big breakthroughs having to do with financial debt. I was able to look at my debt in a whole new light, freeing myself from an attitude that was weighing me down. This was only after first coaching call! … She is so passionate about her calling and her gift. I highly recommend her services especially in times where the emphasis is on lack. Let Marisa inspire, lead and coach you into the Divine abundance you truly are!”

Hillary Branoff, Yoga Teacher


“I have been to tons of workshops, I have a degree in Finance, and I have studied with top notch financial mentors and there is nothing quite like what Marisa offers. Marisa’s teachings combine practical financial know-how and the abundance consciousness necessary for real results. Marisa is solid Gold!”

Noga Vilozny, Singer, Actress & Intuitive Healing Coach


“I have personally worked with Marisa Nakhi, through her workshops and one on one coaching sessions. She is such a powerful, poignant, playful woman who REALLY knows what she’s talking about! I have experienced such great shifts in my relationship to abundance and cash flow since she has entered my life.”

Sushila Battagione, Tribal Nouveau Belly Dancer & Producer of Raqs Oubliettes


“Marisa’s approach to prosperity is simple, unique, and powerful. I have been to a few different money workshops and this is the first one that I have completed with a clear knowing that something major has shifted within me. I am left feeling excited and eager to implement my new learnings on the quest of my heart’s desire. I would recommend this [prosperity] workshop to anyone who is ready to make a change in their relationship to money.”

Anita Coats, Singer/Songwriter


“Marisa’s consciousness about money is clear, empowering and liberating. She demonstrated mastery in shifting many core beliefs I was holding onto about money to personal issues I was carrying and projecting onto money.  I feel ready to embrace money as a partner which helps me lead a life of purpose, joy, and true wealth.”

Sonia Gallardo, Founder of


 “Magic money: I won $17 again in the Fantasy Five. I only buy one ticket at a time so this is lucky news. Also, a former client who didn’t show for her last session in 2008 wrote me an email, apologizing and offering to send me a check for the last session. People love to give me money! Thanks, Chellie Campbell and Marisa Nakhi for all the good $$$$ energy you have helped me create.” 

Lynda Malerstein, Hypnotherapist,


“Through my coaching with Marisa, I not only learned how to manage my money better but I have also learned how to become friends with money.  And within three days after a coaching session with Marisa, I was given a higher salary and a new job title at my current position and I am so happy!  If you are looking for an awesome coach to help you make more money and be more fulfilled in your life, I totally recommend Marisa. Marisa is loving, inspiring, and helps you get results. She rocks!”

Rizza Amor Sapida, Artist


“Marisa …is a powerful Financial Success Coach with heart who truly embodies the principles she so passionately shares with others. I highly recommend working with Marisa to work through any hangups you may have with money, success, prosperity and living a healthy unleashed life in general!”

Noushin Bayat, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach


“My experience working with Marisa has been very effective for me.  She has a natural ability to provide comforting and poignant guidance.  I utilizer her prayers and inspirational tools daily to help me stay open and encouraged.   I highly recommend Marisa to anyone that is ready to shift the “wealth” of their life into a space that is healthy and true, her work is a clear example of abundance and perfect truth.  Marisa is a wise and gifted soul and I have been very blessed to have shared time with her.”

Karen Albert, Founder of Behind Your Curtain


“WOW!!! I connected to the power inside of me as I took the time and with courage stepped into the self that I had envisioned. Having the love and guidance of Marisa, I became aware of a lot of new ideas, and by implementing these new action steps it has changed my life and my business. I have 3 careers going at one time and sometimes I would lose sight of where it was all going; however, with Marisa’s Prosperity Goddess Coaching I was able to reconnect with my vision, which is truly a gift! Thank you for really seeing me and my potential.”

Ninette Terhart, Fitness & Fashion,

“Marisa is a powerful money magnet and goddess and she is an inspiration to me! Through our coaching sessions, Marisa showed me how to create a healthy relationship with money professionally and personally, and how to allow money to be my friend. By working with Marisa, in a just a few months, I shifted my energy around money, created a Financial Freedom account,  and a greater level of abundance in my own life by manifesting the perfect job for me which results in multiple checks!!  I also did Marisa’s 1-Day VIP Intensive which was awesome!! Through the VIP  was an opportunity for me to go really deep, clearing and releasing any old belief systems, and forgiving myself and others around any money challenge.  Through the intensive, I created personal empowering money affirmations that I do daily thanks to Marisa’s help! These affirmations are transformative!  Being in person, sitting in her loving space and dancing with Marisa in the spirit of abundance is such a sacred gift.  There is a joy in Marisa that I feel with every “Woohoooo” she sings, and a healing light with every “Amen” she speaks. Marisa is a sweet, sweet listener who holds the prayer field for me for abundance.  I have made tremendous shifts and experienced financial wins through our coaching calls.  I highly recommend Marisa to anyone who is looking to create more financial freedom and who has a desire for learning and an appetite for winning! She feels more and more like a friend who hold the space for greatness and knows that if it is possible for anyone it is possible for you.”

Christina De Rosa, Actor


“This was definitely a special workshop [Rock Your 2013 Training]! I loved the beautiful community of sisters that came together in such a divine way. I also valued the sacred space that was created for all of us because it gave us so much room to share and grow. I experienced laughter, insights, connection, sisterhood, unconditional love, and I was so inspired by every single courageous and powerful Goddess who showed up that day.  I was also impressed with Marisa’s excellent facilitation skills both as a group leader and as a spiritual counselor. She is a wonderful and engaging speaker with a great sense of humor and a very vibrant personality. Her guidance was very intuitive and spot on and she was able to facilitate processes in such a fluid and graceful way. I especially love her super uplifting and powerful prayers that filled me with divine light, faith, and inspiration. I am really glad I attended this workshop and the shifts I experienced will definitely help me bring more abundance into my life.” 

Crystal Yang, Spiritual Healer


“Most of my life I have lived in fear, denial and shame around my finances and money. I was 57 years old and I had no real sense of how much money I made or how much money I spent.  I was unconscious about money and lived in so much shame about never having a budget.  In 2011, I woke up and decided that it was time to face my fears and create a healthy relationship with money. My intention was to get on track on track with my finances to be able to retire & be debt free.  To accomplish this I needed help and so I called Marisa. Words cannot describe my experience working with Marisa. She created such a loving and safe environment for me to redefine my relationship with money. Marisa assisted me in healing all the limiting beliefs that I had around the issue of money. Marisa shared very specific tools with me so that I now have a budget and a healthy relationship with my money. I was skeptical about being coached over the phone but it was real, authentic and very personal. Marisa’s enthusiasm, loving and gentle way of coaching is so healing and inspiring. I now feel peaceful & happy in my relationship with money today because of Marisa’s masterful way of encouraging and coaching me.  Marisa is such a blessing and her coaching is Spirit led.” 

Susan Wellborn