November 21, 2018



Need a speaker for your events, your organization, or company? 

Marisa is a dynamic & powerful speaker with over 10 years of speaking experience.

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“Marisa is a “blow ‘em outta the water” fierce speaker that reaches in, grabs the audience by the seat of its pants, and takes them on a ride.  Each and every single lady in my group of creative entrepreneurs was glued to Marisa.  It was AMAZING.  You must, must, must have this woman come speak at your event.  She is incredibly talented as a speaker/teacher/leader.”

-Christina Dunbar, Artistpreneur



“Marisa Nakhi was my FAVORITE speaker on any of our Mastermind Calls.  She is warm, brilliant, and has a beautiful way of sharing extremely valuable information in a succinct and straightforward way.  Plus, she challenged all of us to TAKE ACTION on what she was teaching.  The content of the talk was LIFE TRANSFORMING.  I have applied much of it and I am already seeing massive results in my bank account and my overall sense of trust in the flow of abundance.  She is truly walking the walk of a Prosperity Teacher and the magic, miracles, and abundance flow in her presence.”

-Cora Poage, Intuitive Living Coach



“Marisa Nakhi is an energizing, powerful, and informative speaker, and I loved attending her Top Five Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King Workshop!  It was transformational to hear Marisa’s practical and spiritual approach to money because prior to coming to Marisa’s workshop, I had not related to money from both perspectives combined. I also found it so valuable to learn about the importance of staying in high vibration to allow more abundance! Marisa was also a great host and all the participants including myself felt so comfortable sharing and by the end everyone at the workshop was good friends.” 

-Cassandra Lauduski, Wellness Coach


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“I have been to tons of workshops, I have a degree in Finance, and I have studied with top notch financial mentors and there is nothing quite like what Marisa offers. Marisa’s teachings combine practical financial know-how and the abundance consciousness necessary for real results. Marisa is solid Gold!”   

-Noga Vilozny, Singer, Actress & Intuitive Healing Coach


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 “Wow! Of course my Girl Scout girls know what money is, but they did not know how to handle it or save it or appreciate it.  I really have to say, the girls have really changed their attitude and approach to money since Marisa came to our meeting and helped our girls with that.  Now my Girl Scout parents think I’m a genius because their daughters have a new appreciation for money.  Thank you Marisa.”

-Tania Baker, Culver City Girl Scout Leader

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