December 12, 2018


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From Money Stress to Money Bliss!

3 Keys to Allow More Money Now!

FREE Tele-class on 6/18/15 from 11am to 12pm PST!


I want to begin by sharing my own personal story. In September of 2011, I began my business full-time after the unexpected event of my part-time position being dissolved at a company I was working for. I went from anticipating a promotion to being asked to leave on the spot! With utter shock and disbelief, I remember calling one of my friends and sharing the news with her with tears streaming down my face.


As challenging as this experience was, I knew in my heart that working full-time for someone else was not my destiny. I had already been doing coaching and workshops for several years and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to say YES to my dream to be a coach and trainer full-time. The Universe confirmed my inner knowing when only a couple days later I was listening to a tele-class and heard that being laid off is a sign from Universe telling you that you are playing too small.”


Once I stepped into full-time self-employment, I courageously took several steps including getting coaching, attending trainings, and creating accountability in my life. With faith, willingness and wonderful support I continued to grow! I went from charging $497 for 6 coaching sessions to now charging $5,000 for my 6-month Coaching Program. I went from having several workshops with a few participants to putting on a 4-day event multi-speaker event with two other friends and generating $500,000 in sales!


Although my successes have been a blessing, witnessing my client’s wins has also been tremendously exciting!

-One couple I worked with received a $200,000 business opportunity during the time we worked together.

-Another client had 5 unexpected clients sign ups without making any calls, a week after our VIP Coaching Day.

-A third client manifested a trip to India with her mentor!

-Another client was able to sell her home that was not selling allowing her to move to a new place & begin her life anew! And the list goes on!


It is absolutely possible for you to shift from money stress, fear and worry to money freedom, joy & bliss!

It is possible for you to have more money in your life with ease and grace!

It is possible for you to have peace and joy around money!

It is possible for you to get on track with your finances and be excited about your financial future!

It is possible for you to live life on your own terms!


So you may be wondering, “How do I allow more money? How can I create a new relationship with money?”


Here is the most essential key for you to know! Financial Success is an INSIDE JOB! Your outer financial reality is reflection of your inner reality! So if you are experiencing lack and scarcity in your financial life it is only a sign that you have lack thoughts and beliefs that you get to transform. If you do well financially but you are on a financial roller coaster because your income fluctuates, it is just a reflection that your beliefs and inner reality need to change to allow more consistent money! If you make good money but spend it all, it is just a reflection that you need to create a new relationship with money that allows you to become friends with your Savings Account & Financial Reserve Account!


Here is the best news! Regardless of what you have experienced financially up until now, you can create a new financial reality!!! You can absolutely have more money! You can get yummy with money and let go of your financial past regardless of how much pain, disappointment or struggle you may have experienced or not.


However, to create a NEW FINANCIAL REALITY you must take NEW MONEY ACTION STEPS!


To make this easy I am leading a powerful one-hour tele-class on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 from 11am to 12pm PST called from Money Stress to Money Bliss where I will be sharing with you the Three Keys to Allowing More Money Now!


Not only is the content I will be sharing inspiring and practical so you can start applying it right away, but this is also a High Vibe call!! Just by listening to our tele-class, you will start shifting the way feel and relate to money, which is an essential ingredient to allowing more yummy money into your life!! Woo hoo!!


I also love remembering that as A Course in Miracles shares that “a miracle is just a shift in perception.” What if you could allow financial miracles in your life? What you if you take charge of your financial destiny now? What if you could clear your financial past and create a new yummy financial reality?


I know anything is possible for you as I have seen an abundance of miracles manifest in my own life and in the lives of the amazing clients that I’ve supported! Now it’s your turn!!!


Join us for our From Money Stress to Money Bliss FREE Tele-class where you will learn:

– 3 keys to ALLOWING more money now!

– A new & yummy money definition!

– The two biggest MONEY MYTHS that are keeping you financially stuck!

– Tips to CLEAR your money blocks for good!  

– The REAL Secret to Wealth!

-Our call is from 11am to 12pm PST on Thursday, June 18th!

*Our call will be recorded. However, I highly recommend being on the call LIVE so you can receive the most value from what I will be sharing with you!

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This call is for you if:

*You want more money now!!

*You have a big vision for your life & want more financial success!

*You want to live life on your own terms!

*You are willing to do whatever it takes to get to your next level.

*You are done with your old money story & ready rock your “new” money story in 2015!!




“I have been to tons of workshops, I have a degree in Finance, and I have studied with top notch financial mentors and there is nothing quite like what Marisa offers.  Marisa’s teachings combine practical financial know-how and the abundance consciousness necessary for real results.  Marisa is solid Gold!” 

– Noga Vilozny, Singer, Actress & Intuitive Healing Coach


“Marisa is extraordinary!  Her practical skill as a Financial Success Coach combined with metaphysics and spirituality create a deep, authentic, soul-shifting experience. I’m so grateful to be receiving the benefits of her presence, her knowledge, her eclectic studies and wisdom, all offered with grace and loving kindness.  I’ve never met a Coach before with such an extensive skill set as Marisa’s, and I have worked with and known many.  She’s truly one in a million! AND…she’s lots of fun.”

– Caitlin Philips, M.A. 


“Marisa Nakhi was my FAVORITE speaker on any of our Mastermind Calls.  She is warm, brilliant, and has a beautiful way of sharing extremely valuable information that in a succinct and straight forward way.  Plus, she challenged all of us to TAKE ACTION on what she was teaching.  The content of the talk wasLIFE TRANSFORMING.  I have applied much of it and I am already seeing massive results in my bank account and my overall sense of trust in the flow of abundance.  She is truly walking the walk of the Prosperity Teacher and the magic, miracles, and abundance flow in her presence.”
-Cora Poage, Intuitive Living Coach


I have been doing personal transformation work for over 16 years. Much of that time I have been studying money and discovering what it takes to live a financially prosperous life in alignment with who I am as a divine spiritual being!


The money teachings I share are transformational, practical, and yummy! It is definitely not information that your mama taught you, or your financial advisor, or well-known financial experts.


Most money experts teach you how to “make” money or “save” money; however, if your money vibration is off, if you don’t have a good relationship to money, and if you are not in alignment with your desires, it does not matter how much action you take because the financial success you desire will most likely continue to elude you or be short lived!


This is not your fault!! We have been taught for most of our lives that we need to “work” for money instead of first “aligning” with our intentions and desires and then “taking action.”  


The same way there is a spiritual awakening happening on our planet, it is also time for an expansion in our money consciousness! You need new insights, awarenesses, tools and a new understanding of money to create sustainable and magnificent financial success in 2015, and this is exactly what I will be sharing on our from Money Stress to Money Bliss call! So sign up and join us for this amazing FREE tele-class!


More Testimonials!


Marisa Nakhi is a woman powerful beyond her years.  As she offered her services as my coach, I was going through the most challenging time of my life financially, transitioning post divorce to my new life.  With her complete assurance in my worth, I moved from a state of fear and overwhelm to holding my own appreciation for who I am. I have been a therapist for 28 years and I can say with great enthusiasm, thatMarisa is an extraordinary healer.” 

-Deborah Wilder, Healing Facilitator


Hi Dearest Marisa!!  I sold a 6 month coaching package for 11 thousand.  Amazingly perfect client who feels blessed and amazed to have found and hired me.  Thanks so much for believing in my Goddess nature and helping me step into it.  Feel free to quote me!  Your work is spectacular and I love your gentleness and love!”

-Catherine Behan, Relationship Expert & Seminar Leader


“Marisa’s consciousness about money is clear, empowering and liberating. She demonstrated mastery in shifting many core beliefs I was holding onto about money to personal issues I was carrying and projecting onto money.  I feel ready to embrace money as a partner which helps me lead a life of purpose, joy, and true wealth.”

-Sonia Gallardo, Founder of


This call is a gift to yourself and a gift to your soul! 

I invite you to sign up and join us for this inspiring tele-class!

Here is to your delicious financial success!

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With Joy,




Marisa Nakhi is an International Financial Success Coach, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator.  Marisa has been teaching workshops since 2004 and coaching since 2007.  Marisa was on her way to becoming a Financial Planner when she got an intuitive download that her path and her Soul’s work is supporting women and men in transforming their inner relationship to money to allow greater wealth in all areas of their lives. She is the author of Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Key to Having More Money Now!  Marisa has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she completed Anthony Robbin’s Mastery University and studied at the Agape International Spiritual Center for 8 years.  For fun, Marisa loves to go on hikes and enjoys dancing and she is a big fan of green juice drinks!