November 21, 2018

The Secret to Paying off Debt!


What if I told you there is a secret to paying off debt?  

Here it is! In order to pay your debt more quickly you need to

redefine how you relate to your debt! Typically when we have debt the first thing we do is judge ourselves and think “I should have been smarter,” or “I should be better with money.”

However, being in judgment radically slows down your ability to pay off your debt since judgments keep your current situation in tact. The secret to paying off debt is to see your debt from a new perspective.

What if you chose to see your debt as a “temporary love loan from the Universe?” Can you see how by changing your relationship to your debt, your energy around your debt instantly shiftsOnce your energy shifts around your debt then you can pay off your debt more quickly because you are no longer putting all your energy into keeping your debt in place!! It actually takes energy to maintain your debt!!

Plus, you can use your life energy to come up with creative ways to pay off your debt! As you move into a place of redefining your relationship with your debt and accepting the debt, then you create the space for opportunities and ideas to come to you to pay off your debt.  The evidence may look like unexpected income showing up that you can put towards paying off your debt. Or an unexpected opportunity that comes your way that brings you more money. Or you end up reading an online online that shares a tip that totally resonates for and allows you to make awesome progress on your debt freedom quickly.

A huge misbelief is that if you have a lot of debt then it is going to take you a long time to pay it off. Remember, this is just a belief. You can start saying to yourself right now, “I am paying off my debt easily and quickly.” This will create a new experience around your debt. If you say this affirmation and think, “yeah right!” You can rephrase it to, “I am open to the idea of paying off my debt easily and quickly.”

You can also ask yourself empowering questions such as, “I wonder how I can pay off my debt easily and quickly?” or “I wonder how I can help more people, allow more money, and completely pay off my debt?”

Remember, that the problem and solution are different frequencies! The more you shift the way you feel about your debt, the better you will feel and the more you can open up to receiving ideas, inspirations, strategies, and action steps to pay off your debt!!!

Here are four ways to redefine the word “debt:”

1) Temporary Love Loan from the Universe

2) Blessing from the Universe

3) Abundance from the Universe

4) God’s blessing of abundance

If you have debt, you can choose to:

1) Redefine the word debt. You can use one of the definitions above or come up with one of your own!

2) Get into the feeling tone of being debt free!! There are millions of ways that money can come to you to pay off your debt! Don’t worry about the “how.” Focus on how good it will feel to be debt free!! How expansive it will feel! How freeing it will be! How exciting it will be!! You can see yourself jumping up and down & celebrating as you pay of your last bit of debt and dance into a new financial reality filled with surplus and abundance. 

Both these action steps can help you shift the way you feel about debt, which will make it so much easier to pay off your debt!

Affirming many blessings of peace and prosperity for you with total financial surplus! Amen!! Woo hoo!!

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