December 12, 2018


 Dance Your Way to Prosperity Training! 




“I have been to tons of workshops, I have a degree in Finance, and I have studied with top notch financial mentors and there is nothing quite like what Marisa offers. Marisa’s teachings combine practical financial know-how and the abundance consciousness necessary for real results. Marisa is solid Gold!”

-Noga Vilozny, Singer, Actress & Coach



“I did the Dance Your Way to Prosperity Training with Marisa and I thought it was amazing. I highly recommend it! I had so many shifts about the way I view money. It was a life-changing workshop!”

-Ilena Braganza




“I attended Marisa’s Cash Flow Queen Workshop, and it was insightful, invigorating and engaging from start to finish!  I was deeply appreciative of what was presented because Marisa went DEEP.  Not only did she share her insight and wisdom, she gave practical action steps that I could implement right away to allow more abundance in my life!  Just two hours with Marisa generated awareness and created a powerful shift in my relationship with money! 

-Ariel Kirkland, Lifestyle Reinvention Coach


DYWTP Dance 

“I absolutely recommend Marisa’s Top Five Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King Workshop!! The spiritual aspect that Marisa brings to her workshop about money is invaluable! When I attended Marisa’s workshop one of my life long questions about money got answered, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. Marisa’s enthusiasm and energy was delightfully engaging and it made me want to Woo hoo!!! And I left the workshop feeling on high and excited!!” 

-Kathleen Carman, Pilates Teacher 


“Marisa Nakhi is an energizing, powerful, and informative speaker, and I loved attending her Top Five Keys to Being a Cash Flow Queen or King Workshop!  It was transformational to hear Marisa’s practical and spiritual approach to money because prior to coming to Marisa’s workshop, I had not related to money from both perspectives combined. I also found it so valuable to learn about the importance of staying in high vibration to allow more abundance! Marisa was also a great host and all the participants including myself felt so comfortable sharing and by the end everyone at the workshop was good friends.” 

-Cassandra Lauduski, Wellness Coach


“This was definitely a special workshop [Rock Your 2013 Training]! I loved the beautiful community of sisters that came together in such a divine way. I also valued the sacred space that was created for all of us because it gave us so much room to share and grow. I experienced laughter, insights, connection, sisterhood, unconditional love, and I was so inspired by every single courageous and powerful Goddess who showed up that day.  I was also impressed with Marisa’s excellent facilitation skills both as a group leader and as a spiritual counselor. She is a wonderful and engaging speaker with a great sense of humor and a very vibrant personality. Her guidance was very intuitive and spot on and she was able to facilitate processes in such a fluid and graceful way. I especially love her super uplifting and powerful prayers that filled me with divine light, faith, and inspiration. I am really glad I attended this workshop and the shifts I experienced will definitely help me bring more abundance into my life.” 

-Crystal Yang, Spiritual Healer



About Marisa

Marisa Nakhi is an International Financial Success Coach, Author, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator.  Marisa has been teaching workshops since 2004 and coaching since 2007.  Marisa was on her way to becoming a Financial Planner when she got an intuitive download that her path and her Soul’s work is supporting women and men in transforming their inner relationship to money to allow greater wealth in all areas of their lives. She is the author of Money Made Simple & Delicious: 5 Key to Having More Money Now!  Marisa has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and teaches a practical, spiritual and yummy approach to money.